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Top 25 Wedding Photographers in Kansas City-Who me?!

Okay, so, the best things in life truly are surprises. At least, I think so. I had a complete surprise and pure joy moment a few weeks ago when I stumbled onto an article circulating on Facebook listing a review of the "Top 25 Wedding Photographers in Kansas City". A photographer friend of mine shared excitedly that she had made the list, so I clicked on the article to read what they said about her business and properly send her a congrats! As I was scrolling through the list of wicked talent that is my competition, I had to do a double take at the #15 slot, because there I was! #15. Priceless Memories Photography by Amber Brown. WHAT AN HONOR. I had no idea--and I mean zero, zilch, that I was even being considered for this ranking! It came to me on a day where I truly needed that bit of joy, and for that I am so thankful. Thank you to all of my amazing clients who have trusted in me to capture the memories of their life. Because of you all I have been ranked #15 in the top 25 Kansas City wedding photographers. I am humbled, and I am grateful. Now lets go make some more magic. Link below if anyone cares to check it out!

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