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A Guide to Timeless Wedding Photos: Choosing A Photographer Who Edits with a "Natural" Style & Why


Hey ya'll, welcome back to my blog. Today I want to talk to you about how to achieve a "timeless" look and feel with your wedding photos. Before I go on to explain the importance of your photographer's editing style in reaching this goal, lets start with the basics.

Why do we take photos? Most people would answer that we take photos to capture a memory of a moment in time that is valuable to us. Why do we want to capture these moments? I would say so that we can look back on them in the future and reminisce. How do photos help us do this? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I strongly believe this is true. A photo helps us recall a special moment by allowing us to visualize certain details that trigger our memory, such as colors.

Think about it like this, would your memory of a warm, sunny day on the beach be the same if someone changed the sky from being a bright-blue color to a dull blue-grey color? Or if someone altered the photo and lightened your sun kissed skin to appear porcelain? Probably not. The first photo edit with a bright blue sky and sun kissed skin is going to make the viewer imagine the day was warm and sunny. The second photo edit with a dull blue-grey sky and porcelain skin might make the viewer imagine the day as dreary and cool. Those details are what brings the memory to life.

I love that aspect of my job. I love creating a picture that seals a moment in time. An image that allows any individual viewing it to feel the emotion and imagine themselves in that setting regardless of if they were really there or not. That can only be possible if the picture really truly captures the moment as it is. So, we have concluded that the way a photo is edited can completely change the viewer's perception of the moment. This means, if you want your photos to be "timeless" you want someone to edit them with a natural finish that compliments the day as it is.

Now, a natural edit is still going to require a lot of time and effort, but it will enhance the natural beauty of the people/ things in the photos rather than alter them in a way that drastically changes the colors or appearance of what is in the photo. "Natural" style edits are never going to be looked back on as a "fad" like some of the other more dramatic editing styles that are currently popular. And hey, if you like those styles, then that is great for you! I am just not your gal if that is the case. But, if you are looking for someone to capture your big day just as it is, in a way that you can flip through your photo album and be instantly taken back to that moment, and give you beautiful, naturally finished photos that will stand the test of time, lets chat!

Thanks for tuning in, as always I send you my best,

-Amber B

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